Gabriela Chojnacki

Born in Montreal, Canada. Moved to London in 2013 to become a mime.
Also lived in Rome and Berlin.
Fluent in four languages.

Mostly an amalgam of a (street) artist under the name of Thundercunt, writer and actor. Definitions may vary depending on hobbies undertaken on a whim (which, to this day include but are not limited to attempts at virtuosity on the ukulele and making kale enjoyable to eat).


I draw women with loads of eyes and sometimes extra breasts to express that it is okay - obvious euphemism - for women to have a sexuality and to express it without being considered as easy or to be slut shamed. I draw faces to underline the fact that beauty lies in all of us, regardless of the shape of our faces, breasts, stomachs, thighs, or the number of eyes we have on our faces. I would like people to recognise that the models we compare ourselves to (by default, as advertising is omnipresent in today’s society) hardly look like the photoshopped versions of them we see. I would like to normalise the fact that struggles occur in everyone’s life, in a world of social media where people post a collection of happy moments, achievements and good looking selfies. I am not against social media, or the more than occasional selfie. I simply enjoy and value humanity in a very digitalised world.