Gabriela Chojnacki


Born in Montreal, Canada. Moved to London in 2013 to become a mime.
Also lived in Rome and Berlin.
Fluent in four languages.

Three years away from Montreal.
Already. Time zooms by like never before. It feels like just yesterday I was staring at my converse at Montreal’s airport wondering what the actual F*ck I was doing with my life. Not that I know what I am doing with my life now. All I know is that leaving was the best decision I could ever take. I knew it the second I stepped into the plane, leaping in the unknown. Three years later, a million new faces later, I can confirm it. I moved to a country where I knew no one, for the sake of a school – a mime school. Now, whenever I leave somewhere, I do not have the time to pack because of all the people I have to say goodbye to.

I feel home in London, though it is not theoretically my home. In the last year I have lived in Rome and Berlin, between a gimmicky Irish Pub and a theatre school. I have learned to mix drinks, change kegs, deal with drunk tourists, work interminable hours. I have learned to let go, to leave places behind, but to keep people close, regardless of the distance. I have learned that it gets better and better and better ( thanks to Mark) and that it takes balls of steel to leave, sometimes. I have learned a bit of German, and a lot of World War II history. I have learned to deal with creative spirits of strangers, and to share ideas in every possible way. I drank loads of beer which was cheaper than orange juice, sometimes. And I have learned to appreciate the intoxicating taste of whiskey.

Ever since I can remember I have been drawing. I did sporadically stop, in attempt to be cool ( as all kids do) and fit in with the rest. However, and most importantly, drawing always found a way to comeback, so I finally ended up investing in pens and sketchbooks to see where it could lead me. And as someone once was quoted on the internet: ‘ at drawing, you can only get better’.

Watch out, I am not giving up.


Photo credit – Josh Barrientos.