Thundercunt / Illustrations

I feel like people use the word ‘dick’ in more or less derogatory terms and no one bats an eye, but blurt out ‘cunt’ and everyone loses their minds. I want to bring equality to euphemisms we give to genitalia, without taking away from ‘cunt’s ‘ harshness. I am aware it is a slight contradiction.

Basically Thundercunt is my way to defending women’s right to be horny, to demand sex and not to be judged for it. Because, even in a hypersexualised society we live in, women are often objectified and harshly judged, in situations when men would be acclaimed for their conquests. Having said that, I am aware that these are generalisations, and there are exceptions. I just want to be politically incorrect and promote judgement-free sexuality, as long as all parties are consenting.

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